Throughout his career, Charles Malik articulated the moral and metaphysical roots of human rights, navigated crisis situations with prudence, defended a positive relationship between the West and the East, and advanced ecumenicism, Despite his commitment to universal values and his training in philosophy, he understood the gritty reality of crisis decision-making in situations where leaders have limited time and information and no good options.

In his various writings, he honed his ability to perceive past the presenting issue and analyze the fundamental forces directing history, looking to the level of culture, values, and faith. Whether dealing with the threat of global communism, instability in his own country, or rifts in the Christian Church, Malik’s ability to understand human nature and see the problem beneath the problem made him an indispensable thinker and actor in international affairs.

His legacy as a thoughtful practitioner provides guidance for the next generation of leaders as they respond to crisis situations with principled leadership. Equally important, his identity as an Arab Christian who saw America and the West as a force for good in the world provides a starting point for conversations about the relationship between East and West today.

The Charles Malik Institutes hosts seminars, conferences, and other academic and leadership training events. We also work to bring Malik’s diplomatic, philosophical, and personal legacy alive through publication of his previously unreleased writings.

Through our seminars, we equip future leaders with skills in Applied Principled Statesmanship using the writings and legacy of Charles Malik. Usually, we host these over a weekend at our headquarters in New York City. Throughout the seminar, participants read a substantive selection of Malik’s work, listen to expert lectures, engage in Socratic discussions, and complete writing and public speaking exercises. Upon completion, participants join our growing network of young leaders and return regularly for book studies, workshops, and roundtables.

Seminars are for Christian students and young professionals ages 18-30 who are pursuing careers in diplomacy, politics, foreign affairs, and the public sphere.

CMI sponsors a series of day-long academic conferences and roundtables that bring a Malikian lens to relevant issues in academia, foreign affairs, and political philosophy with leading experts in these fields. Each conference culminates with the publication of a written work summarizing the event’s findings.

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